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Municipality of Tytsjerksteradiel

Fryslân has a population of around 640.000 distributed over 31 municipalities. The Municipality of Tytsjerksteradiel is the fifth largest of Fryslân, with just over 32.000 inhabitants, living in seventeen villages.


All the landscapes typical of the province of Fryslân, are found in Tytsjerksteradiel: ancient dwelling mounds, called "terpen", woods, sandy grounds, fenlands and lakes. Another characteristic feature of this area is the hedged and wooded banks enclosing each field. Extensive lakes, near Earnewâld among other places, and highly attractive nature and recreation areas have come into being through turf-digging in former times.

Ruling system

Tytsjerksteradiel is ruled by 23 councillors, men as well as women. They are elected every four year by our inhabitants. The daily administration lays in the hands of the municipal executive, the mayor and four elderman. The mayor is appointed by the King for six years, which can be followed by another period of six years. Apart from the coordination and the management of the governing process, the duties of the mayor can be found in the field of safety, such as the policeforces and the fire-brigade.

Language and culture

Friesland is a bilingual province in the Netherlands. This booklet, 'Language of the heart', provides information about the roots of the Frisian language and culture.


As an independent helpdesk and guide, the Chamber of Commerce answers questions and points aspiring entrepreneurs in the right direction. For information contact the Chamber of Commerce Friesland

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